Whether you are looking to design a courtyard garden , plant an awkward strip of land or  perhaps redesign a large  family space , I can help.

I have been designing  gardens for the last 15 years, which is an occupation I love ! I want to create something beautiful for all my clients

I enjoy playing with space and re-arranging it. Once a garden has been plotted on paper it is a blank canvas you can do anything with which I find very exciting .

What is it that will give you the garden you dream of ? I will listen to your brief taking into account ;

The aspect of the garden.

What sort of planting you prefer , colours preferred .

Utilisation of the garden

Something contemporary or traditional and so on.

Using my artistic abilities combined with my extensive knowledge of plants I can create just the right atmosphere for each client . The planting is the icing on the cake ,and can completely change the feel of a space depending what is used . Words such as etherial , dramatic, cottagey,  or sophisticated spring to mind …………………

I  give a free  consultation . I then produce several different concept drawings for you to choose from, then I produce planting plans. I have various brilliant landscapers I use but keep the planting to myself as I like to be hands on.

If you like the sound of what you’ve read , get in touch I would be delighted to hear from  you.

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