One of the things which new clients always ask for when giving a brief , is that they want a low maintenance garden.

There is nothing wrong with that in essence ! We are all busy rushing about and to recognise that we aren’t going to have much time for maintenance isn’t a bad thing , and something a designer should know when taking on a new project . We can then plan accordingly .

What I have come to realise though, is that when some people say “low maintenance ”  what they actually mean is  “no maintenance ” !

A garden isn’t like decorating a room and ticking the box thinking that’s done ūüôā It is a living thing, and plants do grow ! Every garden needs a some degree of maintenance , shrubs need dead wood cutting out of them and shaping as they grow, as do roses. Beds need weeding or bark renewing in the Autumn to suppress the weeds . Climbing plants need training along walls or fences. Gardens evolve , bulbs can be added after a design has been implemented, as it isn’t always the right time of year to plant them when the rest of the garden is installed.

So be aware, unless you want a  plastic garden , plants will need attention after your garden designer has left site .#justsaying !